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• Every time is Tea Time! Open the dial to fill with your favorite tea, steep it into water. Enjoy the peaceful moment watching the magnificent flow of tea, bringing peace back into your body and mind.
• The strap can be used to tie the infuser to your mug or be used as a flexible handle for gentle stirring.
• With the extra fine holes, Tea Time is perfect for all kinds of whole leaf or broken leaf teas.
• It’s made of food-grade silicone and stainless steel. It’s designed to go green.

• 無時無刻不是品茶良辰!開啟Tea Time泡茶器表盤裝入您喜愛的茶葉,放入水中浸泡幾分鐘,伴隨著金色的茶水徐徐滲出,煩擾與喧囂都一掃而空,只有當下一刻的寧靜與輕安。
• 表帶可套入水杯的手柄中做固定之中,或可用來輕輕提壓或攪動茶水,已加速沖泡過程。
• Tea Time表盤上的細密小孔設計,適合各種茶葉,尤其是碎葉紅茶的沖製。
• 使用食品級的矽膠和不銹鋼材料設計,可反復使用,綠色更環保!

FDA food safe     BPA free     recycable

Material: Silicone Rubber, Stainless Steel, PP plastic
Dimension: 5*2.5*14 cm
Quantity/Packaging: 1
Model No.: TT1404


  • Lemon
  • Green
  • Orange


Image of TEA TIME Image of TEA TIME Image of TEA TIME Image of TEA TIME