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• Tea clip is the perfect mate of disposable filter bags for making a quick cup of tea.
• It can be used as a mini scoop to load ingredients like tea leaves, flowers, and herbs, etc. Secure the ingredients after loading with the clip function.
• Steep and stir as you like to brew your tea in hot water; Or rest your self-made tea bag over the rim for another refill.
• Comes along with 50 paper filter bags (Canadian pulp)

• 茶夾,自製茶包的完美伴侶,適用于選用茶包袋沖泡各類香茶、花茶、草本茶。
• 茶夾前端的小勺可用於方便舀取和盛裝茶葉,避免手的直接接觸,本身的茶夾功能可以有效地將茶葉密封于茶包袋內,防止漏出。
• 夾裝完畢后,茶夾便成了一個方便的簡易濾茶器,讓您無憂享受喝茶的樂趣;同時茶夾獨特的結構讓您在沖泡完一杯后可以將茶包暫歇于杯口,隨時準備續杯,更方便更環保。
• 含50個泡茶袋(加拿大天然原木紙漿)。

FDA food safe     BPA free     recycable

Material: PP plastic, Paper filter
Dimension: 5*2.5*20 cm
Quantity/Packaging: 1+50 filter bags
Model No.: TC1504



Image of Tea Clip Image of Tea Clip Image of Tea Clip Image of Tea Clip