Tea Button


Image of Tea Button

• Tea Button tea helper keeps your tea bag from falling into your tea. Simply stick the tea button on to your mug with the specially designed strong suction cup, wrap your tea bag string around it, and you’re ready for hassle-free tea time!
• It's compatible with glass and ceramic cups!
• These Tea Buttons are reusable and made from silicone rubber. It’s designed to go green.

• 有了Tea Button茶包伴侶的貼心設計,再也不用擔心整個茶包掉進茶裏了。Tea Button特別設計了一個強力吸盤,能夠輕松吸附在茶杯上,將茶包的標簽繩繞在Tea Button上,即可享受無憂的茶飲時光!
• 適用于光滑表面的玻璃杯和陶瓷杯。
• Tea Button使用綠色的矽膠材料設計,可反複使用,更環保。

FDA food safe     BPA free     recycable

Material: Silicone Rubber
Dimension: 2*2*0.8 cm
Quantity/Packaging: 3
Model No.: SD1210