REVO tea scoop & infuser


Image of REVO tea scoop & infuser

• REVO is a revolutionary 2 in 1 tea scoop & infuser. It is stylish and extremely easy to use and clean. The magnet at the high end is used as alignment and lock. Simply swipe open to use the base as a scoop and snap the lid on to secure the tea leaves inside under magnetic force. Steep and enjoy your tea time!
• REVO is made from food-grade bamboo fibre and is 100% eco-friendly. It’s designed to go green.
• REVO is so much easier than any of the metal tea balls for loading and cleaning.

• REVO茶勺泡茶器革命性地將茶勺與泡茶器合二為一。其設計簡潔時尚,且易於使用和清洗。頂端的磁石用來固定並吸住上下兩片。滑開泡茶器上端的平整葉片,將下端的一片用來做茶勺,勺取適量茶葉,輕推回上端葉片將茶葉包裹在葉片中心,浸入水中享受甘醇的茶味!
• REVO茶勺泡茶器使用食品級的竹纖維制造,100%環保材料,可自然降解。
• REVO茶勺泡茶器使得鐘愛茶的朋友能夠享受到原葉茶和草本茶的曼妙滋味。
• REVO茶勺泡茶器比普通泡茶器更易於盛裝茶葉,且清洗方便。

FDA food safe     BPA free     recycable

Material: Bamboo Fibre (eco-natural) , Magnet
Dimension: 3*2*20 cm
Quantity/Packaging: 1
Model No.: RV1310