ELIXIR Tea Stick tea infuser


Image of ELIXIR Tea Stick tea infuser

• Elixir Tea Stick is an elegant and eminently functional tea infuser that helps you to make a nice cup of tea and have a more enjoyable drinking experience that combines both convenience and trendy style.
• A little more aesthetically pleasing than those metal tea balls on a chain, Elixir’s crystal clear glass tube allows you to watch the tea leaves open up slowly and gracefully dance in the water, brings peace and tranquility all the way back into your body and mind.
• Elixir Tea Stick uses natural and eco-friendly materials - wood, glass and silicone rubber. It’s designed to go green.
• This handy infuser helps tea lovers to enjoy a more pronounced aroma and flavor of whole leaf tea and herbal tea.

• Elixir泡茶棒能夠方便地爲忙碌的現代人衝制一杯“神仙茶”。
• 比起累贅的濾茶球,Elixir泡茶棒的透明玻璃材質能夠清晰地看到片片茶葉在水的浸潤下緩緩舒展開來、翩翩起舞,帶來當下一刻身心的平和與甯靜。
• Elixir泡茶棒使用最自然與環保的材料設計——原木、玻璃與矽膠,泡茶棒可反複使用,更環保。
• 簡易的泡茶棒設計使得鍾愛品茶的朋友能夠享受到原葉茶和草本茶的曼妙滋味。
• 適合手洗。

FDA food safe     BPA free     recycable

Material: Natural Wood, Lab Grade Glass, Silicone Rubber
Dimension: 2*2*14 cm
Quantity/Packaging: 1
Model No.: TS1010-S